Amendment to Town Ordinance Section 390-14




Amendment to the Code of the Town of Middlefield
Tax Ordinance: Section 390-14

On May 21st, 2019, the Middlefield Board of Selectmen approved the following amendment to the Code of the Town of Middlefield, Chapter 390, Article VI, Section 390
– 14 (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E): Eligibility for Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company; to be
acted upon at a Town Meeting:

Section 390-14: Eligibility for Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company.

A. The Property Tax abatement is available to all active and special members of the
Fire Company who reside in Town.

B. New members must complete a service period of one full year to become eligible for the Tax Abatement. To qualify, a member must attend a minimum of twenty- five percent (25%) of all emergency calls and have completed all required
training as defined by the State of Connecticut.

C. The Administering Board, as per Section 390-17, shall review a member’s attendance in January for the prior year. A member must maintain twenty-five percent (25%) of all emergency calls for the prior year in order to receive an annual abatement. If a member does not meet the above requirement then he/she will not receive any benefits for that prior year. The certified list will then be presented to the tax Assessor and Collector for implementation not later than May 1st.
D. Only those defined excuses absences as listed in Section 390-20 of The Code of the Town of Middlefield  will be taken into consideration as a valid excuse in the calculations of the twenty-five percent (25%) minimum emergency call requirement.

E. All members must sign their own names to an attendance sheet when they have been officially dismissed from the fire and emergency call. If not done immediately after the call, then that member has twenty-four (24) hours to contact the Incident Commander an officer and then sign in. All sheets are to be controlled by the officer  Incident Commander in charge at any particular incident and are official once signed by said Incident Commander

F.  Any member who retires from the Middlefield Vol. Fire Co. after completing twenty-five (25) years active service and have qualified in the abatement program for a minimum of fifteen (15) years since the inception of the program, shall receive the abatement in the amount allowed by current state statute for as long as they have a tax obligation to Town of Middlefield. Both years of service
and qualification in the abatement program are cumulative and do not need to be in succession.

G. Any member of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Co. who dies “In the Line of Duty” as classified by the United States Fire Administration, shall have fifty present (50%) of the tax obligation to the town of Middlefield abated on the principal residence owned and occupied by the surviving spouse for so long as they are a resident.

(Note: The underscored language and strikeouts above represents the amendment to section 390-14 as originally adopted. The ordinance above replaces section 390-14 in its entirety.)

Edward P. Bailey
First Selectman

This ordinance shall take effect fifteen days (15) after publication of notice. Effect August 25, 2019

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