Town of Middlefield, Connecticut Water Pollution Control Authority

Lake Beseck Sewer Use Charge

Be it Resolved by the Middlefield, Connecticut, Water Pollution Control Authority, that:

1. General In accordance with the provisions of Section 7-255 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended, a use charge shall be levied annually on all properties connected or ordered to connect to the Middlefield Sewer System in the Lake Beseck Sewer area.

2. Basis For Charge a. The annual charge for each property shall be based upon the equivalent discharge by a single family dwelling unit of sanitary wastes per day. A “family” and “dwelling” unit shall be as defined in the Middlefield Zoning Regulations, and said regulations may from time to time be amended.

b. “Equivalent Dwelling Unit” is a unit with approximately the same average discharge as a single family dwelling unit.

c. Any type of property which does not fit within the classifications will be given an Equivalent Dwelling Unit number based upon the estimated average discharge of wastes per day of such use as compared to the average discharge of sanitary wastes per day by a single family dwelling unit. Example: A property with 2 apartments shall be charged 2 EDUs.

d. A minimum of one (1) Equivalent Dwelling Unit shall be assigned to each property required to be connected to the sanitary sewer.

e. Equivalent Dwelling Units for properties with multiple uses will be based upon the sum of the Equivalent Dwelling Unit for each use.

f. The sewer use charge for users discharging high strength wastes or other pollutants will be additionally charged based on the cost of treating the wastewater or managing the effluent or sludge.

3. Base Rate a. The Middlefield Water Pollution Control Authority shall annually adopt a projected Operation, Maintenance and Replacement Budget. The Budget so adopted shall be divided by the anticipated number of Equivalent Dwelling Units to be connected to the system to establish base rate to be charged for each Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). In computing an individual use charges (base rate multiplied by the

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property’s EDU number), the number of Equivalent Dwelling Units shall be rounded to the tenth and the charge derived from this calculation shall be rounded off to the nearest dollar.

b. The “Operation and Maintenance” portion of the budget shall be adjusted annually to reflect the actual costs incurred in the previous fiscal year and anticipated cost increases. A surplus or deficit will be applied to the budget (Gross, Operation, Maintenance and Replacement budget  Surplus or Deficit in the operation and Maintenance portion of the Budget) and will be used to calculate the base rate to be charged for each EDU.

c. Sewer users whose basis of charges as noted in 2.f of the sewer use charge system will be charged at a rate as determined by the Middlefield Water Pollution Control Authority.

d. The use charge for a single EDU for the fiscal year will be $700.00 per year, payable in two semi-annual payments of $350.00 each in October and April.

4. Surcharge Rate a. A surcharge shall be added to the base rate charged to any property: 1. When, as determined by the W.P.C.A., that an illegal connection exists to the sanitary sewer system. 2. If a representative or agent of the W.P.C.A. is denied access to a property for the purpose of inspection of the sanitary sewer and its related piping installed underground or inside of a building structure. Determination of this refusal shall rest with the W.P.C.A. b. The surcharge shall be added to the base rate if any or both of the two aforementioned conditions exist at any time during the fiscal year. c. The surcharge shall remain in effect from year to year until such time as determined by the W.P.C.A. d. The surcharge shall be payable within 30 days from initial determination by the W.P.C.A. and yearly thereafter. e. The surcharge per EDU for the fiscal year shall be 100% of the base rate. 5. Due Dates for Payments Payment of the initial charge will be due at the time of the connection to the sewer and will cover the proportional share of ½ year for the period from the connection through the semiannual use fee due date as determined by the WPCA. Subsequent use charges will be due and payable in full on or before the semiannual due date.

6. Liability for Payment Owners of property against which the use charge is levied shall be liable for payment and for interest on delinquent payment from the due date until such charge is paid in full. Interest shall be computed in the manner provided in Section 7-258 and Section 12-146 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended. Owners of property may request a waiver of a current sewer use fee if the property is uninhabitable, which waiver shall be granted or denied at the discretion of the Middlefield Water Pollution Control Authority.

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7. Invalidity The invalidity of any portion of this regulation shall not affect the remainder thereof, and this regulation may be amended at such time or times pursuant to statute as the Authority in its judgment considers necessary.

The Lake Beseck Sewer Area Use Charge was approved by the Middlefield W.P.C.A. following a public hearing on September 17th, 2020.
Robert Poturnicki Robert Poturnicki, Chairman Water Pollution Control Authority Town of Middlefield, CT

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