Notice: Public Hearing and Special Town Meeting

August 5th, 2019
NOTICE is hereby given that a Public Hearing and a Special Town Meeting of the electors and citizens
qualified to vote in Town Meetings of the Town of Middlefield, will be held in the auditorium at the
Middlefield Community Center, 405 Main Street, in said Town of Middlefield, Connecticut, at 7:00 P.M. on
Monday, August 5th, 2019, for the following purposes to wit:
1. To vote on the question of a Revised Town Ordinance to amend the “Code of Ordinances of
Middlefield, Connecticut”; Tax Ordinance, Section 390-14. Ordinance Revision – Property Tax
Relief for Retired Firefighters.
2. To vote on the question of whether the Town of Middlefield shall join the Middletown Area
Transit District, in accordance with provisions of Chapter 103a of the Connecticut General
Statues, as revised.
3. To elect one (1) elector of the Town of Middlefield as a member, to fill the vacant term at the
Regional School District 13 Finance Committee. Term from July 1st, 2018, to June 30th, 2020.
4. To transfer funds for a L.E.D. Streetlight Light Replacement Project, not to exceed the amount
of $243,205, from the Town’s Undesignated Fund to the Capital and Non-Recurring Fund
(account 9284 – LED Street Lights). This funding is offset by a $41,241 rebate from the
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund Incentive Program.
5. For Fiscal Year 2019: To transfer $16,739 from line item number 01-30-7020 “Regional Health
District” and $11,961 from line item number 01-72-9000 “Operational Contingency” for a total of
$28,700 to line item number 01-30-7003 “Sanitarian.” The transfer is necessary to cover the
transitional costs related to joining the Plainville-Southington Regional Health District.
At this meeting any and all citizens may appear and be heard, and written communications will be received.
Copy of the Town Ordinance Revision is available at the Town Clerk’s Office or on the town website at
Dated in Middlefield, Connecticut, this 16th day of July, 2019.
Town of Middlefield Board of Selectmen