Contact Information

Barbara Jean DiMauro, Democratic Registrar
Connie G Drega, Deputy
P. O. Box 179, 393 Jackson Hill Rd.
Phone  860-349-7119

Jeffrey G Drenzek, Republican Registrar
Cathleen L Hinsch, Deputy

Authority: General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, and Town Charter

Duties:    Duties provided by Section 9-1 to 9-159 and additional appropriate statutes of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut

Elected: Four year term.

Absentee Ballots are available only through the Town Clerks Office
You may download applications from the links below-mail or bring to the Town Clerks Office.

Absentee Ballot for Election/Primary/Referendum:


Absentee Ballot for Referendum-Less than 3 weeks Notice:

Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot:


There are no set hours in the Registrars’ Office. Certain times of the year require more hours than other times. However, someone is in the office at lease once a week to maintain our records and answer any questions or problems. Please leave a message if we can be of any assistance to you.

Voter Registration Card can be picked up at the library or on this town’s web site. A person can also register to vote with the town clerk in the absence of a registrar. Seventeen-year-olds are encouraged to register to vote and they will automatically become eligible on their eighteenth birthday. Under Connecticut General Statute S9-20, all persons who register to vote in person with Town Clerk or the Registrar of Voters must present identification.

Under the federal “Help America Vote Act” signed October 2002, all first time applicants registering to vote by mail, on or after January 1, 2003 are advised to attach to the application card a copy of a valid and current photo identification (such as a driver’s license). If this information is not attached the voter must present proper ID at the polls or with their absentee ballot application in a federal election.

All voters must show proper ID or sign a statement at the polls to be able to vote.


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The Town of Middlefield, Connecticut