Zoning Board of Appeals

The current Board Members are:

Christopher M. Champagne (Chairman)
Joseph G. Angello (Vice Chairman)
David M. Glueck (Secretary)
Michael A. Janis
Charles Augur
Peter T. Neidhardt   Alternate
Vacancy                      Alternate
Vacancy                      Alternate

Five Regular Members/Three Alternates
Term: Three Years 01/01-12/31

Under Connecticut law, any municipality having a Zoning Commission must also have a Zoning Board of Appeals. The authority of the Board is set forth in General Statutes § 8-5 et seq., and the Middlefield Zoning Regulations contain corresponding provisions. The essential purpose of a zoning board of appeals is to provide elasticity to otherwise rigid zoning enactments, so as to prevent arbitrary or unconstitutional application thereof. In short, if strict enforcement of a particular zoning regulation results in harsh application to a property owner, the Zoning Board of Appeals is the forum to seek redress.

Accordingly, the Board’s primary function is to consider requests to vary the application of the Middlefield Zoning Regulations. That task requires the Board to evaluate whether an applicant demonstrates undue hardship peculiarly affecting the property in question, as well as whether the variance sought is in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the comprehensive zoning plan. In so doing, the Board affords due consideration for conserving the public health, safety, convenience, welfare and property values. In addition, the Board entertains appeals from the orders, requirements and decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer. The Board also acts on special permits where required by the Middlefield Zoning Regulations, and decides certain location approvals as mandated by state law.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has three primary functions:

  1. Hear and decide applications for variance from Middlefield zoning regulations
  2. Hear and decide appeals of decisions by the Middlefield Zoning Enforcement Officer
  3. Hear and decide the location of automotive repair facilities and gasoline stations

Regular meetings of the board are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm at The Middlefield Community Center. Schedule is subject to change, please check the calendar for meeting cancellations and/or special meetings.


Regulations and Applications

Contact Information:

Land Use Office
405 Main Street – Suite 1
Middlefield, CT 06455
(860) 349-7123
Residents of Middlefield and Rockfall who would like to learn more about participating on the Zoning Board of Appeals are encouraged to attend a published meeting or contact ZBA Chairman Christopher Champagne or First Selectman Ed Bailey.


2018 Meetings.  Meetings of the ZBA are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Middlefield Community Center, 405 Main Street.

January 23
February 27
March 27
April 24
May 22
June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25
October 23
November 27
December 18*

*Due to the holiday this meeting is rescheduled.

Dates were approved at the November 15, 2016 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.



Town Offices Address

Town of Middlefield
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P.O. Box 179
Middlefield, CT. 06455

General Office Hours

Monday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Individual office hours may vary.

Emergency Information

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Middlefield Police Department: 860-349-9685
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