Welcome to the Assessor page on the Town of Middlefield website! The Office of the Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all real property, business personal property, and motor vehicles located within the legal boundaries of the Town of Middlefield as of October 1 each year, in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes.

View the M-3-Quadrennial Application (PDF).

View the M-3-Quadrennial Application With Housing (PDF).

Geographic Information Systems Maps

A property may be found by either Map/Lot, Owners' Name, or Street Address. Once you find the parcel, information on the assessment, parcel ID, owners' mailing address, and much more is available to you. Please contact the Assessor if you have any questions.

View the Middlefield GIS Map website.

Benefit Programs

There are many programs available to its residents. State and local Homeowner benefit programs for our Elderly and Disabled, as well as Veterans and Legally Blind exemptions are offered by providing proof of income and filling out the appropriate application forms. Please refer to the tab listed above for more information.

PA 490 Designations: Farm, Forest, and Open Space, applications are available in the Assessor's Office, or on the Assessor's State Website (CAAO) under 'forms'.

Motor Vehicles

The Assessor's Office also processes adjustments to motor vehicles based on the sale of, transfer out of state, trade-in, junked, stolen, or donation, to name a few. Please provide adequate proof by submitting a copy of the sale of the vehicle, letter of donation, DMV plate cancellation receipt, insurance cancellation, out-of-state registration, etc., for an adjustment to your assessment/taxes. Other information may be requested by the Assessor for verification.

Personal Property

All active businesses in town must file a Personal Property Declaration by November 1 of every year. If you are a new business in Middlefield, please contact the Assessor's Office, and a form will be sent to you.

For more information on any of the information programs listed above, please feel free to contact the assessor.