What Can I Bring without a Fee?
  • Regular Household Garbage
  • Recyclable Paper (cardboard, newspaper, junk mail, books, phone books, etc)
  • Recyclable Plastic (numbers 1 through 7), Aluminum, Glass: See guide above for "What's In/What's Out." Must be empty, clean, rinsed and open. Can be mixed together
  • Scrap metal: Items must be drained of any oil or gasoline. Place in designated area
  • Electronics: Place in designated trailer
  • Brush: Up to 4 inches in diameter and not longer than 8 feet in length
  • Leaves: Must be emptied from bags in designated area
  • Antifreeze, Motor Oil: Place in designated area
  • Mattress and Box Spring: Place in the designated trailer

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1. What Can I Bring without a Fee?
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