Land Records

Our office is responsible for the recordation of all Land Record Documents. View the Town of Middlefield’s Land Record Search website.
All fees are payable by cash or check.

Recording Fees

The fee is $60.00 for the first page; $5.00 for each additional page of that document.

Nominee (MERS) fees are $159.00 for Releases and Assignments (when the Nominee is the Releasor/Grantor), and $159.00 plus $5.00 for each additional page for other Nominee (MERS) recordings.

Conveyance Fees

There is a $2.00 conveyance fee for any deed with a consideration of $2,000.00 or more.

Local conveyance tax for the Town of Middlefield is 0.0025 x consideration paid.

No deed or permanent easement will be recorded without the State of Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Form (OP-236).

Map Fees

Recording site plans, easements, boundary maps, etc. are $10.00;  a subdivision map (must be signed off by the P&Z Chairman) is $20.00.

PA 09-144

This act required owners of foreclosed properties to maintain specified standards. This must either be registered with the Town Clerk or MERS. The form must be filled out and a fee of $100.00 must accompany it.


Copies of land records are $1.00 per page.  Copies of maps are $1.00 per page; full-size copies are $5.00.

Certified copies are $1.00 per page and a $2.00 fee for certification.


View the Certificate of Change of Name Form (PDF).

View the PA 09-144 Registration Form (PDF).