Tax Collector

Online Payment Convenience Fees

2.5% Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express; $2.00 ACH/EFT check.

Please Note: As with all tax payments, your payment is recorded as PAID for Interest and Date of Payment purposes on the date it is paid in our database.

Your payment is not successfully completed until the funds are transferred into the Town of Middlefield’s bank account.

If a payment is returned for any reason there will be a return payment fee of $20.00 and any additional interest will be owed.

Motor Vehicles will be cleared by the DMV five business days after payment is made on this site.

If you need an immediate release from DMV, you must come in (see business hours to the right) and pay with cash or a bank check.

View the My Tax Bill website to look up and or pay your tax online.

Facts Concerning Taxes

Mill Rate

  • The current Mill Rate for the 2022 Grand List is 28.24.
  • A mill is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar.
  • The mill rate is typically set in May when the budget is passed.

General Billing Information

  • Tax bills are mailed out once a year on June 30. Your bill will have 3 parts: one for your records, one for July's payment, and one for January's payment.
  • No reminder bills are sent.
  • Delinquent interest accrues as of the due date with interest charged monthly @ 1.5% of the unpaid taxes, with a $2 minimum.
  • Due Dates:
    • Real Estate and Personal Property Bills:
      • Middlefield has set due dates for Real Estate and Personal Property bills (if over $100), to be divided in two equal halves - July 1 and January 1.
      • (Technically taxes are due and payable in full on July 1 (§7-383). However, §12-142 allows the Legislative Body for Middlefield (Town Meeting) to set the due dates for taxes.)
    • Motor Vehicle Bills:
      • Taxes are due in full - July 1.
      • "Motor Vehicle Supplement Bills" (for vehicles registered after October 1) due in full - January 1.
      • (These dates were set in the Middlefield Town Code of Ordinance, Chapter 13, Article 1, Sec. 13-14a.)
    • There is a 30-day grace period to pay without penalty.


  • Middlefield's Tax Collector and Tax Assessor are bound by the Connecticut General State Statutes.
  • The statutes that apply to tax assessment and collection can be found in Volume 4, Section 12 of the State Statutes.
  • Real Estate taxes are based on 70% of the Fair Market Value as of the last State-­mandated town-wide revaluation. The next revaluation for Middlefield is for the Grand List of 2021.


  • Military and senior exemptions are processed and approved through the Assessor's Office in order for an exemption to be applied to your tax bill.