The Financial Director oversees and is responsible for the application of principles and practices of financial management of the Town.

  • Prepares assorted financial statements, surveys, and reports for grants, and labor negotiations.
  • Develops financial studies and plans. Forecasts evaluate and monitor the financial status of the Town.
  • Assists in the development of the Annual Budget with the First Selectman and/or Board of Finance.
  • Administers the (Small Cities) Housing Rehabilitation Program.


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American Rescue Plan

View the ARP Planning Grid April 04, 2022 (PDF).

Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Town of Middlefield Housing Rehab Program provides financial assistance to help with needed repairs and renovations to your home. Funds are available at 0% interest with no monthly payments required.

The money can be used to repair or replace roofs, plumbing, wells, electrical upgrades, septic systems, heating systems, siding, windows, and all other general renovations needed to upgrade your home to current health and building codes.

The money cannot be used for projects such as additions, decks, central air conditioning, etc.

Income Requirements

Eligibility is based on annual total household income.

Household Size: Income Limit:

  • $44,800
  • $51,200
  • $57,600
  • $64,000
  • $69,100
  • $74,250
  • $79,350
  • $84,500


Here's how it works. The Town pays the contractor for the work being done. The Town then puts a lien on your house. The lien is for just the cost of repairs (no other fees, no interest) and is to be paid back when you sell your house. Simple as that; of course, you may pay it back earlier if you wish.

For more information or to determine your eligibility, contact the Financial Director.